Among others, the aim of PharmInEu is to be a meeting point for public health workforce coming from all over the world. PharmInEu  is expected to be a round-table where you can take part sharing your point of view, experiences and ideas concerning the topics published here.cropped-cropped-stress.png

Sometimes I have the idea that everyone is talking but nobody is listening and this creates confusion and waste of energy and time. Let’s try to create a sort of orchestra where every instrument is in line with the others and together can create perfect melodies. The perfect melody is aimed to improve health, foster development and increase innovation in European public health arena.

In Europe, We are together in the diversity and this is our real treasure that other continents are afraid of. Amazing landscapes, food traditions, typical cloths, history, languages, national provebs, scientific discoveries, poets, painters, musicians, literature and lots more is our richness.

Are you aware of that?

Are you aware that there is democracy, protection of human rights, sustainable development and 70 years of peace in our continent?

 I would love to encourage you to collaborate and participate in the creation of a wifi connection to improve well-being in European citizens. Raise your voice!

As a Burkina Faso proverb says   

 ∼ If the ants come to an agreement, they can move an elephant∼

 #togetherisbetter #togetherwearestronger #togetherispossible


Linda A.


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