I want to ride my bicycle..

September 2017: I made the best choice ever.
I have never used a bike in my past 25 years. Things changed when I moved to the Netherlands to study a Master course. Actually, I moved to Belgium, to a small town in the border shared with the Netherlands.

As the public transports are not economic neither well connected to the University, I bought an old bike like every student does. Basically, I bought this bike (which has also a secret name) because I did not have better choices, but now I could not live without it.

I do care about my bike not only because I need it but, honestly, it became a symbol of freedom. I can take it whenever I want, I can go everywhere I need. I can park it everywhere without losing time in traffic and without getting bored looking for a parking. I use it to go to university, to go out with friends, to the supermarket and to appreciate the Dutch and Belgium landscape!

I spent a couple of days in Italy and I used bike sharing with a pretty dress, collant and décolleté. I was not able to get rid of a bike even during New year’s Eve! So, everyone can definitely use a bike!

At the beginning, it might be tough especially if you are not athletic or if you have always used the car to move to everywhere. But I swear that after 1 or 2 weeks you do not lose breath or sweat anymore! The secret is taking your time and little by little you will go faster and with more energy! You do not need to be an athlete to use a bike because you are not expected be a fast biker!

Many people are lazy to use the bike especially if the weather is not good. Surprisingly, I have discovered that the best temperature (for me) is about 2 Celsius degrees: I do not have cold and I am not soaked at all. The most important thing is having good clothes that protect you from wind and rain. After that, you are ready to ride your bike!

The bike is cheap, easy and healthy!

Moreover, you can help to reduce air pollution, noise and stress in the entire community! Fewer cars fewer problems!

Imagine a place without cars, noise of traffic and air pollution but a healthy and green environment?

What a dream… Start you dream from yourself!

I would ask you to take your bike, maybe during the weekend. Make a small trip in your own town or city and appreciate the landscape around you. Take a moment to look the monuments, squares and parks from another point of view. You are free to stop when and wherever you want. You can ride the bike for 1 or 2 or even more hours: you would not be aware of the km you are doing because you would have fun. Just try.

You can make the difference, for yourself.


Linda A.


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