Behind the door

Amsterdam, 11 Oct 2018 | Tomorrow is my graduation day! I am thrilled by the idea of throwing into the air my cap! Another chapter of my life is officially over and I can’t say anything else than this experience have been, so far, the best I ever had. I loved Maastricht and I loved Heerlen, Utrecht and Amsterdam! The Dutch are super friendly people and in the Netherlands you can really touch the feeling of being a European citizen.

I bet money, energies, relationships to follow my dream of working in European institutions. I want to have an impact on our precious Union and being active in pushing it towards a great future. I am sure one day my dream will become true. Today, more than ever, the European Union needs its citizens and citizens need Europe. European Union is our friend , your friend! It is here to help you, to guide you and show you the path whenever you lose it. When you need help, European Union is here to give you not 1 hand but 28 hands.

This post is a call to the youngest generations because our future is at risk, many people are working (…also behind the scenes…) to destroy our home. We will not let them knock us down. We have to cooperate, stay together and keep the 28 hands as a circle as the stars of our flag.
Don’t you feel the richness of our countries?
Think about it. Compare European Union to the rest of the world. If you dont know what to compare, take your time to surf on the internet and read different sources to find the answers to your questions.

The European elections are just behind the door (23-26 May 2019). Before voting who is going to represent our voice, take your time to listen, read and learn what it going to be the future after the elections. Do it for yourself and for future generations. I attached you here some links that will surely help you in your research.

I am not saying that you must support the European Union (actually I am 😉) but if you do not want the European Union you have to know what are you saying, you have to be aware of the REAL consequences. Open your eyes and your mind before taking a huge decision. You are important! The future is in your hand, take care of it, take care of you.
Viva l’Unione Europea.

Linda A.


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